AHL PADII SERIES LED STREET LIGHT is combined the LED light source with the housing integrally. Because of this special design, the structure of AHL PADII SERIES LED STREET LIGHT is smaller and the weight of which is lighter than conventional lights.

AHL PADII SERIES LED STREET LIGHT adopts high brightness LED lamps which efficacy can be up to 130lm/W.  By different light distribution, both the uniformity of illumination and the uniformity of color on road are guaranteed effectively.The unique eutectic bounding technology assures perfect LED thermal management from chip to external heat sinking mechanisms.The junction temperature is lower than 65, which effectively controlling the light decay and prolonging the lifetime more than 50,000 hrs. The unique LED lamp protection technology assures the LED street light still works in case single LED lamp is broken.

The high reliable and intelligent driver and professional heat sink design technology assures the working temperature of the electronic components is not higher than 60 and the life time is more than 50,000 hrs. The wide-range supply voltage assures the universality of driver. The proprietary protective circuit enhances the reliability and capacity of resisting disturbance on the whole. Proprietary constant current management technology assures high stability. Meanwhile, such electronic driver design also provides several flexible and advanced control functions such as timer control, temperature control, photo sensor control, acoustic sensor control and internet control etc.

AHL PADII SERIES LED STREET LIGHTcan be applied in many areas, such as express ways, main roads, roads to large public buildings and greeting roads as well as various roads in downtown or commercial central areas and residential communities. In addition, they are applicable for illumination of buildings, squares, goods yards, parking lot etc.

General Parameters


Notes: 1. AHL Standard Color Temperature:3500±200K4000±250K4500±250K5000±300K5700±350K6500±500K .Other CCT can be Custom-made.

2. Custom-made interface connector is accepted by AHL in case it is in need.

3. Optional dimmable function: timer control, 0-10V, DALI, PWM, photo sensor control, internet control etc.

4. Optional housing color: mid-grey, sliver grey, ice grey, white. Other color can be Custom-made.

Characteristic Parameters


Note: 1.The tolerance of power is ±10%.

2. The tolerance of luminous flux is ±10%. The luminous flux for warm white products would be lower.


Luminous Flux Maintenance Chart

Remarks: This chart shows the actual testing data of many streets that exactly reflects luminous flux degradation of LED street lights in use. It is noticeable that natural environment conditions such as weather, temperature and so on can affect illumination intensity to some degree in actual testing. We can see that the maintaining luminous rate of our street lights is above 95% after working for 3 years without maintenance.


Light Distribution Carve


300                       307

Light Distribution Carve and code

Note:  We can help you to choose the best light distribution according to the real road condition by simulation.

Structural Dimensions

Arc- mini for 30W~50W (Maximum frontal windward projected area is 0.089m2)

Arc- small for 50W~130W (Maximum frontal windward projected area is 0.19m2)

Arc- Middle for 130W~200W (Maximum frontal windward projected area is 0.26m2)

Installation Instructions

1.      Tri-core shield sleeve wire with standard 60245 IEC57(YZW3×1.0),OD Φ8~10mm is adopted, the brown wire of which connects the live wire, the blue one connects the neutral wire and the yellow-green one connects the ground wire.

2.      Please connect the light with Φ60 lamp pole, fasten the two M10 Hexagon screws with torque 17Nm. Please take care to keep the balance of the lamp during installation.

3.      Assuring the LED light works under the rated voltage, otherwise the non-restorable damage will be made once the supply voltage is beyond the working voltage range.


1.      The ground wire must be safely earthed to guarantee the reliability!

2.      The joint of wires must be covered with insulating tape and be waterproof!

3.      Screws must be installed firmly to avoid the light drifting!

4.      The supply voltage must not be beyond AC305V. Otherwise the impossibly repaired damage will be caused.

5.      The light should be scraped immediately if the external soft cables or soft wires damaged for they could not be replaced.

6.      Please change the protective glass if it is broken with 5mm thick CE approved temper glass.


After Sales Services

If you have any question or problem in the process of unpacking, installation and use, please contact our Customer Service Department. We will respond within 2 hours, and if necessary, we will promptly send our maintenance professionals to your site as quickly as possible to solve your trouble and restore to the normal working condition.

AHL takes guarantee responsibility unless otherwise specified in the following circumstances:

²   The breakdown or the damage is caused by incorrect installation, failure operation or use under the Not- specified working conditions.

²   The damage is caused by accident, abuse or misuse. The breakdown or the damage is caused by customers’ unsuitable safekeeping or transportation.

²   The breakdown or the damage are caused by customers’ disassembly or change the spare parts to which are not approved by AHL

²   The breakdown or the damage is caused by man-made or natural disaster


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