Super Intelligent Antenna

8x8 MIMO (Multi-channel transceiver) technology

Designed to overcome the inherent limitations of conventional WiFi

Designed to meet the challenges of a wide range of indoor and

outdoor application environment



8x8 MIMO Technology and Benefits

Boosts performance – an advanced smart antenna technology that is part of its Super WiFi base station family and boosts the performance of any standard WiFi client

Unique design – patented smart antenna technology relies on a uniquely structured 8-element antenna array and a proprietary signal processing algorithm

Smart antenna – The user signal information is received through all the 8 antenna elements in the array, much higher in antenna diversity

Smart signal processing – The smart antenna technology processes the signal in real time and forms and focuses a high-gain beam toward the WiFi client

Super antenna diversity – In addition, it employs a signal phase alignment to obtain angular diversity – based on its 8-antenna array and its multiple independent radios

Better link budget – The powerful 8-antenna array also empowers the 8x8 MIMO signal processer that is part of S-Wifi’s base stations, providing further signal gain in both the uplink and downlink

Super coverage – smart antenna technology gives standard WiFi clients much longer ranges, larger area coverage, and the best indoor penetration

Super capacity – 8x8 MIMO technology provides 5 times the median throughput than the standard 3x3 MIMO in complicated NLOS environments

Super efficiency – AirFi improves WiFi cell efficiency with smart WiFi-based throughput optimization by a factor of 2, even with a large number of concurrent connections


Super Coverage

The 8x8 MIMO technologies provide the following advantages 5 to 10 times larger in coverage, as compared to standard 3x3 MIMO AP in the market

Dynamic beam directing towards the WiFi client, which increases the link gain by at least 14 dB, as compared to a standard access point

Directed beam towards the user suppresses interference coming from all other directions


Super WiFi Capacity

S-Wifi uses two different technologies concurrently, increasing its WiFi base station capacity by a factor of 10:

Patented smart antenna technology – higher antenna diversity supports stronger the signal strength and hence throughput at distance, improving the median throughput by a factor of 5

AirFi technology – a throughput optimization algorithm implemented at the WiFi layer, increasing its average efficiency and capacity by a factor of 2 and more


Super Interference Immunity

Automatic channel selection selects the channel with the least interference

The focused antenna beam attenuates interference coming from all other directions


AW-S8Ein Specifications

Operating mode: AP (dual-band) and bridge

Access radio: b/g/n (8x8: 2)

Backhaul radio: a/n (2x2: 2)

Transmit power: 27 dBm (max.), 24 dBm (per chain)

2.4G antenna: internal 19 dBi array

5G antenna: external 20 dBi panel, 16 dBi sector or 9 dBi omni

Power source: PoE injector

Power consumption: 30W (typical), 65W (max.)

Weatherproof: IP67

Operating temperature: -40 to 60 ºC

Humidity: 100% (condensing)

Wind loading: 217 km/h (survival)

Dimension: 467 x 439 x 111 mm

Weight: 8.2 kg without mounting kit

Mounting: pole or wall-mounted

Network interface: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port


Mobile Site Co-location for 3G/4G Data Offload

AW-S8Ei Super WiFi base station co-locating with CMCC mobile site



Mobile Site Co-location for 3G/4G Offload Application



Benefits of Super WiFi 3G Offload by Co-location 

5 to 10 times coverage – using 8x8 MIMO smart antenna technology, as compared to most 3x3 MIMO in the market

Instllation is possible in limited space – as close as 0.5 m to the 3G/4G antennas is possible when the installation space of mobile site is limited

Super interference immunity – even installed at close proximity to 3G/4G antennas, no gradation to both the cellular and WiFi equipment; whereas most others in the

market require at least 10 m separation

Fast deployment – just plug-and-play; much less site acquisition, setup and radio planning works; pay as you grow

10 times capacity – the smart antenna technologies improve the median throughput by 5X, and the Altai AirFi optimizes the average throughput by 2X

Lowest TCO – as low as 30% of investment as compared to using standard AP; only 10% of site requirement, but 10X faster time-to-market deployment


TCO Cost Analysis

Top two cost elements, Site and Backhaul costs, added up to 58% of TCO

3G offload by co-location can lower these costs significantly

Savings in CAPEX and OPEX – including site acquisition, site set up, radio planning, site facilities reuse e.g. site rental, backhaul and power supply



TCO Cost Analysis


Using Super WiFi co-location can reduce the cost for every cost element

Saving in TCO (total cost of ownership) could be up to 68%!


Wireless Broadband Application


Benefits of Super WiFi in Wireless Broadband


Broadest coverage – using A8n series for large coverage supports up to 1.7 km in range, extendable to 4 km with a C1n (2.4GHz) or C1an (5GHz) CPE

Lowest cost of deployment – traditional Internet access provisioning by copper wire or fiber is cost prohibitive in sparsely populated rural areas.

The wireless access equivalent using A8n-C1n is a very cost effective solution to deploy wireless broad- band in rural areas.

Short deployment time – while traditional fiber takes months to deploy, wireless access just need a few days; and you need to pay as you grow.

High bandwidth broadband – with the use of a pair C1an for PTP bridge, service provider can offer high speed broadband for commercial users

up to 120 Mbps download and upload per PTP link.

Suport mobile users and travelers – beside residential and commercial users, the same WiFi network can also serve mobile users and travelers, who can subscribe the WiFi service on needed basis by means of prepaid card


Private Network Applications


Benefits of Super WiFi in Private Networks


Both outdoor and indoor coverage – many private networks require not only indoor but large outdoor coverage in one network, e.g. airport, container port, university campus, manufacturing plant and resort etc.

When other WiFi doesn’t work for you – Super WiFi can perform extraordinarily good in NLOS environments that are blocked by metallic stuffs, e.g. quay cranes and container stacks in container ports, hangars and cockpit in airport MRO, machineries in manufacturing plants etc. Custom made enclosures for hazardous and explosive proof environment.

Backhaul resilience – A8n can provide backhaul redundancy and failover switching and recovery for mission critical applications e.g. contain port, airport, logistics etc.

High bandwidth surveillance – the C1an can be used as low cost PTP bridge which supports high definition surveillance up to 100 Mbps

Boost up production efficiency – many production systems already support WiFi terminals; A8n or A2 can be used to build the wireless network in different scales to improve the efficiency and convenience of production system such as WIP, RFID and bar code etc.


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